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Tragic Tryst

Soil:the daughter of downs loved the prince of hieghts:Soul. Spring saw,came and dressed the the virgin soil. She blushed on her beauty. Beloved began dance round and round Day and Night came to bow around. Father Sun became glee,gave the blessings of shine. Prince followed the lovely winks, came and clasped her with sound kiss. They made tryst; in service of water,wind and air under the sky. With zenith eyes and downwards feet, be on ground,spreading arms for sky Man takes birth. Poor Man from destiny is bound to hang between up and downs. #Shreesh Pathak Prakhar

Tolerating Nonsense..!

Now,we are obligate to live an unpolitical environment,where political parties and leaders are indulged mainly in denegrating each others views and activities.All political parties are not having issues of political worth;if they have some, then they are not fighting for the essence and to find solutions of the issues but for vindicate themselves though uneffectively.Why we are continuously tolerating apolitic sorts of political activities, it would affect the whole structure of the idea to translate :A free and open society . we are always cursing the political leaders that they have not political will to tackle some major national problems and crises;but perhaps,we also have not the necessary will at personal level to denegrate wrong things through political means due to some petty reservations in our minds.A person who,once took assistance from a criminal becomes more vulnerable and insecure,likewise;if we will not negate effectively and offer continuous support to wrong persons in


दूरियां दूर कराती हैं कई गिले शिकवे भी फासला जरूरी है ,आँखों की नमी के लिए..........! #श्रीश पाठक प्रखर 

श्रीश उवाच .......

बहुत दिनों से ब्लॉग लिखना चाहता था.धन्यवाद गूगल को.