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Friday, December 7, 2012

Para-Military Forces of India: Vanguard of Internal Security of India


Today, India is bordered by turbulent states-Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.Turbulence has permeated through India's porous borders in the form of arms and narcotics to finance insurgents, militants, terrorists and religious fundamentalists.This endless internal turbulence in India's also inter-linked with external factors. The grim reality is that the unending turbulence will continue afflicted our land and sea frontiers and airspace.Therefore, as change has been said to be the only constant in the order of things, we have to adapt our attitudes and policies to the new realities.The rapidly developing political, economic and military strength of India, if unfortunately accompanied by a fragile internal security scenario, could become a significant factor for instability in the region and in the world.Though, there are various essential ingredients of internal security situation. Equally important is to see or assess the health of the internal security mechanism in the country that has to uphold the rule of law. Though the entire fabric of the Internal Security System is relevant, the role, condition and significance of the paramilitary forces, easily the most vital component in it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Security Challenges: India's Borders with Pakistan and its Management


The strategic importance of Pakistan is unique because of being a close neighbour toMiddle East, having a common border with China, India, Iran, Afghanistan and less than onehundred kilometre distance from Central Asian state of Uzbekistan. Bridge between South Asiaand South West Asia; Iran and Afghanistan are energy abundant while India and China aresimply lacking of.India, a nation of one billion people and the largest democracy in the world, is fast growing to become the largest economy in Asia after China and Japan. As a result of its rapid growth accompanied by political stability, the country is presumed to be a significant factor in determining the course of overall growth trajectory of Asia.