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Changing Relations of India with the United States from Cold War to Post Cold War

Shreesh K. Pathak The foreign relations of a country on the world map is not only crucial for its existence there but also for its survival in the near future. The foreign relations between any two countries are important from any stand, political, social or economic, for both the countries landing themselves into the 'understanding'. In this era of global economic crisis, it has become a prime importance for any country to assume a healthy relation with its neighbours and other countries so that a peaceful and prosperous life can be assured to its citizens. And as such the India-American relations can be specifically defined as the bilateral relations between the United States of America and the Republic of India. Both of these countries have a rich history of the relations they have gone in for the betterment of the future of their citizens and their economic advancement.  India, the largest populous democracy of the world, its foreign policy has always regarded the concept o