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Indian Foreign Policy: From NAM to NAM 2.0

Indian Foreign Policy: From NAM to NAM 2.0 Abstract Foreign policies reflect the orientation of a nation towards the rest of the world. The goals, means, attitudes and approaches are the decisive ingredient for the formulation of the foreign policy. After India achieved the status of a sovereign state in 1947, it really needed the policy like NAM to ensure its sovereignty in the world anarchy. To take middle path for overall progress and to save the country from the cobweb of bloc politics, undoubtedly, the policy of NAM had proved its credibility already. After the conclusion of cold war, some feels that there is no relevancy left in the idea of NAM. These doubts which was really relevant has been addressed with the logic that the problems of inequality, apartheid, issues of economic order, etc., are very much evident and that’s why the relevancy of NAM is still intact. Some scholars have made endeavours in the direction where using historical credibility of NAM, India can refurbish i