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India-Nepal Open Border System Debate amidst Natural Calamity and Constitution Making Process

*Dr. Shreesh Kumar Pathak In diplomatic circles, on varied grounds, some countries may be labelled as weak or strong nation but the ultimate power lies with Mother Nature. Still, science is unable to predict Nature’s course and impacts. The devastating quake has jolted Nepal very deeply. The calamity has definitely shaken the humanity but not its will. Nepal is trying hard to recover from the calamity and to reconstruct the essential structures. Nepal is already going through the toughest job of constitution making on the path of polity. Constitution making is not an easy exercise especially if the nation has varied populations and different colours of pages in its history book. Before the process of constitution making reaches its culmination, Nepal had to face a profound degree of natural calamity. International community has helped open-heartedly which maintains the belief in humanity and in global fraternity. In the process a country can understand the significance of cobweb of re