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India and Pakistan: An Era of Strained Relations of Strong Leaders

Shreesh K. Pathak Abstract It is often argued that two democracies never go for the fight. India and Pakistan, both are constitutionally democratic political systems. Though, in Pakistan, democracy is often sabotaged by military rules. After Perwez Musharraf, Pakistan has witnessed the first civilian government led by Asif Ali Zardari (PPP) that completed its full tenure and also first peaceful and democratic power transition as Nawaz Sharif took over the power as a Prime Minister and hopefully is going to serve for full tenure, too. Theoretically; the relationship between India and Pakistan must show some improvement, but the fact says otherwise. An interesting pattern can be traced in this trajectory of events that whenever both countries have a strong leadership in terms of decisiveness backed by either through strong mandate in the general election or by military coup, relationship got tensed generally and relationship improves whenever indecisive regimes work. It does not mean tha