Ukrainian Crisis- Russia made me shocked!


I really wonder when anyone on the earth who claims having sane mind favours an invasion of one country to another which includes killings of even civilians. Any ideology, invocation of any page of history, any commitment won't be sufficient justifying the killings of people. In this I'm not including military response in defence, but declaration of war against a sovereign country after delevering eccentric speech full of selective references of history. It was nothing but was a futile exercise to deny sovereignity of a nation through the denial of its recorded history.

Personally; I have to recede here that I had been thinking that western media was unnecessarily creating furore on Russian military built up on the boundaries of Ukraine, Putin must not be going to cross that line, he must be accumulating enough diplomatic capital to bargain further in Europe; any experienced leader won't be compromising with its hard earned credibility but Russia shocked me totally. I must say that, Russia has chosen a great timing for it. World is resuming itself gradually back to normalcy, Europe lately was facing energy crisis, still somehow managing, China is now free from winter Olympic, France is soon going to have election, Germany is settling itself with its new Chancellor, post Brexit UK is cautious, Biden of USA is recovering from his Afghanistan exit episode. Russia has utilised the time since the year 2014 to make the impact of sanctions faint in case it comes creating alternatives upto manageable extent. The west, really is contemplating how to respond Russia in a decisive way, difficult but they are willing.

Whatever Russia has done already, there is no point of return from there. It has shifted America's attention from China to Russia, but matter of the fact is that China and Russia both are playing with the west one by one directly or indirectly!

Now, Europe is no longer peaceful or stable like every other region of the world.

I was thinking this too lately that it would be China and Pakistan that India would be compelled to join American alliance system formally and China always be providing reasons to sustain the construct of QUAD alive and relevant, but now time proves the notion of #Nonalignment still has water even with some timely improvisation.




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