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Life is like River-rafting- Dr. Shreesh

-Dr. Shreesh Whenever I find little ‘me time’, always I start thinking how to sort out myself. I often wonder about the significance of Shrimadbhagvatgeetaji and lately was struggling to figure out tools to comprehend it more. My erudite friend from SGPGI, Lucknow, Shri Skand Shukla had said me- first, sort out yourself.  Sorting out yourself is very gigantic task, actually.  Problem is we don’t live in isolation as we could make a plan undeterred by anybody. If, I borrow analogy from Stoicism so there are two kinds of things in our life- for some, we have control how to go about them, but for some, we don’t have any control- we have to learn with them to go along.  If we try to apply this notion into our practical life, then we face one more issue- things which we could control and things which control us, they don’t come to us in any certain pattern. And we need concentration and indulgence whatever we do to get rhythm and perfection. What happens generally,  if we do things which ar